Sankofa's Workshop 


"Where Dreams Become Reality!"

With your help Sankofa's Workshop offers  workshops, Healing Gemstones, Energy Work, Readings, Art, Healing jewelry and more.


Tie Dye Workshops

In this workshop Participants will learn how to fold and dye some professional looking tie dye designs, including bleach dyeing, and how to get great results everyone! participants must bring there own shirts. All other material will be provided

Cost: $30

Length: 1 1/2Hrs

Jewelry Making Workshops

This workshop includes a basic understanding of wire wrapping using mix gaged wire. Participants leave with one necklace, one bracelet, one ring and  knowledge to take further steps . Material are provided. Any additional materials for special projects by participants

Cost: $50

Length: 2 hrs

Weaving & Bead Work Workshops

Weaving workshops include basic macramé  dream catchers and hammock weaving. Bead Work Workshops For Beginners is exactly what you need to get started making glamorous necklaces and bracelets.participants will leave with a basic understanding bead work terms and tools


Length: 1 1/2 hrs

Drawing & Painting 

 Drawing workshops emphasizes the foundations of drawing technique and composition. The more advanced class includes an introduction to figure drawing.

 Painting workshops focuses on acrylic painting and mixed media in more extended projects. The more advanced class also includes figure study. Participants must bring paint and canvas

Cost: $50

Length: 2hrs

Sculpting Workshops

Wire sculpture Workshop is an easy way to introduce two important art concepts : line and space especially for children. Line is an intuitive and basic art concept, in fact the most primitive works of art, such as cave paintings, are line drawings. Line allows people to express ideas in a simple way, think happy faces and hearts, and is the foundation of symbols. Another basic art concept is space. Many 2 dimensional works of art typically employ depth and perspective to create the illusion of 3 dimensional space. Once you start working in 3 dimensions you have entered the world of sculpture, which allows you to actually create objects in space.

Cost: $50

Length: 2 hrs